How it works

As a customer:

  • This service also acts as a digital loyalty stamp system, keeping your earned free items safe digitally.
  • Spending digital loyalty points? This is in your domain, choose when you want to spend points.
  • Participating shops can be found using your GPS location for outlets within a 5 kilometer radius.

As a shop owner:

  • The android device does not need to be dedicated, the app can run on your phone or tablet.
  • When using this service as a QR Code based loyalty app we charge 20p per free item provided, with no charges for accruing points.

As a staff member:

  • Your boss can invite you to use this service.
  • The staff console app can be downloaded on Android tablets or phones only to receive orders
  • If for any reason your console is offline the orders will not be accepted.
  • Your console can be marked as offline if you are not in the shop.
  • Orders are stored on the staff console app, any connection problems etc. your orders will be there for you.